A Knitters Synesthesia

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience synesthesia? People with Synethesia ( synethetes ) have linked cognitive pathways, so that objects such as people’s names, numbers, places, letters and shapes are involuntarily experienced with another sense suchs as smell, colour or taste. A name could always be perceived as red or the number 2 could sound like a snake….

while I don’t have synesthesia, I do have strong reactions to colour. Sometimes I design knits based upon images and sensations evoked by colour. Like when I saw this light-turquoise cotton-yarn, I saw it from across the store and my entire surroundings melted away and reformed into crystal waters dancing with light and endless sand. I was possessed, I had to own that particular pool blue shade as I loved the way it made me feel…like a tropical breeze….

Synesthete or not, we all have attachments to colours. Attachments that link colours to feelings, spaces, places and people; it will always be a powerful inspiration.


Have a colourful day


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