DIY: Antique Jam Cupboard Painted White

I’ve got a few loves…. things I toggle between to satisfy creative whims, and fill my life-spaces with comfortable beauty: knitting (of course) modern art and beautiful furniture….I’m particularly fond of button tufted anything and painted antiques added to airy spaces.

I’ve been slowly realizing my dream of an all white decor, a light filled space filled with old pieces of furniture ( ones with a unique history ) and filled with inviting, big, squishy knits….Ah, it’s a serene dream-space of mine. Spaces like these are particularly inspiring:

Image 1- reupholstered antique chaise Image 2- tufted loveseat from Wayfair  Image 3- patons cabled pillow & bed spread Image 4- winter decor ideas by lushome

I’ve got the perfect little antique jam cupboard to add to my collection of shabby-chic treasures. It’s from rural Ontario and over 100 years old. Moving to a fabulous new apartment was just the spark I needed to tackle it’s whiting.

I sanded 4 layers of old paint off the interior and sides using a random orbital sander with 80-100 grit paper, blasting through the bulk, and a palm sander for the corners, finishing with 220 grit for smoothing ( be sure to wear a mask if you try this at home since old paints were made with lead) The front door has a natural, time-worn crackle that I left and dry brushed over, hitting the raised wood and leaving the dark-walnut recesses. This was excruciatingly exciting since you only get one shot with this technique. I’m thinking of glazing the recesses to bring out it’s natural texture even more….I’m going to sleep on it. Forgive the photo quality, I’m using an iPad 📷

I think it will look great next to the antique wash stand I slathered in white and black glaze last week☺️

Happy DIYing Ya’ll


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