The Beautifull Lavallette in Linen & Lace: A Free Ravelry Pattern

I don’t usually knit from other people’s patterns. For me, the joy of knitting has a lot to do with learning old techniques to crelate something new ( and with a bit of edegree) …. However, on  a journey to add to my stash, I stumbled upon the Pima Lino Lace yarn in an electric-fuscia that  tickled the eyeballs; a colour they underwhelmingly called, Cranberry.  I knew it was for the beautiful Lavalette Shawl by Kristen Kapur (follow the link to her free Ravelry pattern). It’s constructed of simple bands of yarn-overs and stockinette, knitted loosely, and it drapes beautifully. This shawl is perfect understated elegance. The recommended  yarn is a silk/cashmere, but, to me there is nothing like linen. Linen is crisp and absorbent and, being made from hearty flax fibres, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly fibres out there ( aside from hemp of course). Linen can be tricky for even seasoned knitters as there is no stretch and it can be splity without the right needles ( bust out your addis for this pattern lace lovers ! ) but it’s defiantly worth the headache for its temperature regulating qualities and natural bloom with washing.

Happy Knitting


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