Transitional Pieces # 3 The Katniss Cowl

I saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in 2013. Like any true lover of unique fashion and knits, I spent the duration of the film dreaming up how to recreate the beautiful, woven cowl/vest Katniss wore in the opening sequence. And I wasn’t alone. A gaggle of knitters and crocheters were soon producing variations, patterns and write-ups about the now staple “Katniss Cowl” originally  designed by Maria Dora for the post apocalyptic block-buster.

I’ve knit several of the patterns out there along with writing my own. The design is thick and rustic and warm. It fits loosely over a long sleeve shirt or jacket making it incredibly versatile as a transitional accessory. Mainly, it looks super edgy and badass, like its namesake.

These cowls hold a lot of heat in the upper body and neck. Wear it over your favourite summery shirt/sweater to transit into Fall temps or pair it with a Fall jacket to winterize it. These pieces are knit texture at its finest.


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