Transitional Pieces #1 :Cozy Headbands/Earwarmers

There’s something about feeling that first nip in September’s air that makes me want to grab a hot chocolate or pumpkin- spice anything slurpy and warm, pull on a poncho and head out into the last bit of sunshine to knit.

September is all about transitional knitwear, the indispensable pieces that let us wear our summer outfits into Fall and our Fall outfits into Winter. My #1 favourite transitional piece is the Headband/Earwarmer. These stylish little bands hold in a lot of heat, for cool weather transit to and from work, finding frost after hitting the gym, or puttering around  putting the garden to sleep …. heck you may even have one of those Landloards or Ladies who refuse to turn on your heat before November even though it’s 4 degrees out.

You can fit these beautiful bands in your pocket or purse, they are great at warding off frost without ruining your hair. Conversely, if you haven’t washed your hair ( too busy creating fabulous things of course!) they’ll  hide your  greasy roots😉


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