I like knitting the cozy, comfortable things of tradition with a dash of modern edginess. It is because I enjoy both the customary attire of social routine and the rebellious, offbeat dress that makes us who we are that I created SoTwisticated. Knitting has a long history, the earliest known pieces were found in Egypt and date to the 11th and 14th centuries CE. Today people are knitting with needles the size of their arms ( or with their arms😉) with rope and metal and garbage….cozies have been knit for everything from tanks to our most unmentionable parts….if you’re looking for a way to connect with traditions past or delve into modernity, knitting and knitwear is a great vehicle to do it with. In knitting history meets the new age and it’s all twisted up…like each stitch twists through another…

XOXO fellow knit lovers
I’m glad to welcome you to SoTwisticated


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